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Episode 83 - "Happy New Us!"

We start the new year Mindy-less, but John and Dean cover some intriguing news and, in true form, take a discussion somewhere it was never meant to go and probably should never go again.

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Episode 82 - "ASHA Glows, IHS Blows"

We discuss new research in pediatric cisplatin therapy and Meniere's Disease treatment. Meanwhile, one of the audiology organizations finally steps up and proclaims the benefits of audiology care and IHS stumbles all over itself in an attempt to tell audiologists they were wrong to oppose the federal Department of Labor training dispensers on procedures outside their scope of practice.

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A New Cause for Hidden Hearing Loss

Researchers Improve Tool for Diagnosing Tinnitus in Animals

Iron Deficiency Linked to Hearing Loss

NSAIDs May Cause Hearing Loss at Lower Doses Than Previously Thought

Adult Hearing Loss May Be Declining in the U.S.

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